MADA Yellow bacteria virus filters - 100 pieces of protection COVID-19

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Bacteria / virus filters COVID-19

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MADA Yellow bacteria virus filters - 100 pieces of protection COVID-19

COVID-19 has been and will remain there for some time to come. MADA filters are the best filters when it comes to protecting against viruses, including COVID-19

Suitable for Micro Medical, Spida, Spiro USB, Vyaire, Vitalograph and Mir spirometers.

The Mada bacteria filters have a unique 3d shaped mouthpiece that is shaped to the mouth so that the Mada bacteria filters fit perfectly on the mouth for a correct seal.

In addition, the MADA bacteria filters meet the highest requirements that are set. Excellent bacterial and viral filtration while maintaining a very low resistance.

MADA Spirometry Filters:

'In order to answer to the several information requests recently received about the Filtration Efficiency related to our Spirometry Filters' membrane, and therefore on its effectiveness in filtering out the new Coronavirus "cross-contamination" risks, we'd like to withdraw your attention on the following topics:
MADA Filters, have been tested with MS-2 Virus, (which has a size of 0.02 microns), at a flow rate of 750 liters/minute for a "continued time" of 5 minutes.
Accordingly we've obtained a Filtration Efficiency test result of 99.94%. (tested: HPA PD CAMR Porton Down U.K).
The new Coronavirus has a variable size ranging from 0.08 to 0.16 micron (like most of the viruses the cause the flu).
It means that the Coronavirus size is from 4 to 8 times bigger than the "testing" virus size we used (MS-2).
Assumed what above stated, we can mention that our filters are in the condition to drastically reduce, (more than the indicated result of 99,94%), any possible risk of "cross- contamination" due to the new Coronavirus (patient -> device/spirometer -* next patient
and environment)'


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