Rapid Rhino Epistaxis balloon catheter 7.5 cm

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Rapid Rhino Epistaxis balloon catheter
Rapid Rhino is a unique product for the treatment of Epistaxis. The combination of the gel-forming sheath and the inflatable catheter make Rapid Rhino an effective and very patient-friendly solution:

Gel-forming shell

Soft buffer between the balloon catheter and the nasal mucosa
Painless insertion and removal of the catheter
Does not stick to the wound bed
The CMC sheath has a platelet aggregating effect
Balloon catheter

Forms itself to the nasal anatomy and ensures that the catheter remains in place
Compression on the wound bed which contributes to bloodsteps
The pleasant properties of the Rapid Rhino make the application simple and effective. With a correct application, it is usually not necessary to use further treatment methods and it is recommended that the patient returns within 48 hours for a check-up.

In the case of posterior bleeding, one can often come up with a single Rapid Rhino 900, which contributes to efficient treatment without additional time / costs, for example transport to an emergency post / hospital.

This product is available per box of 10 pieces.

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