OtoClear ear irrigation kit

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The OtoClear earwash system is a handy and safe ear irrigation syringe.
A cheap alternative to the often expensive automatic (electric) ear syringes.

The system is equipped with a 500 ml spray bottle and a special 3-jet spray head. This sprays the water at an angle of 30 degrees in the ear canal and not directly on the eardrum. The special shape prevents overpressure in the ear canal.

The disposable OtoClear ear tips have a unique shape that prevents them from penetrating too deep into the ear.
These tips are made of soft silicone material and have large outflow openings.

The integrated drainage channels in the OtoClear tip guide the water from the ear canal into the receptacle.
The earwash system can be used directly without water connection or mains voltage.

The OtoClear earwash kit contains:

  • 1* spray bottle
  • 1* collection tray
  • 20* OtoClear tips


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