HT One Safety lancets 1.8 mm

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Safety lancets, secure, easy ...

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HT One Safety lancets 1.8 mm

Safety lancets

✓ Innovative design

✓ Easy and safe

✓ Disposable

• Very easy to use: turn and press!

• No pen or needles removing required


Pleasant to use

• Get the same amount of blood with significantly less pain.

• The patented technology reduces the force of activation, the sound and the vibration.

• Ultra-sharp quality needles (German manufactory) reduces skin damage and keeps pain to a minimum.

• The automatic retraction system prevents the sharp needle from being exposed after use. This prevents you or someone else accidentally pricking themselves.



• The world's smallest safety lancet.

• Easy to carry.

Activation on contact

• Consistent penetration depth.

• Prevents the chance that you must repeat the procedure.

Operating instructions

Place the red end of the safety lancet on your finger. Gently press the safety lancet against your fingertip to activate the lancet mechanism. Use a needle container to dispose your safety lancet.

Blood glucose control made much easier


Box with 100 pieces

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