Flu vaccination needles, BD Eclipse safety needles - 25G - 16 mm x 0.50 mm - orange - 100 pieces

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A-quality BD Eclipse safety needles. Sterile individually wrapping.

More info at SNPG about Influenza vaccination needles. These safety needles have a diameter of 0.5 mm (25G, orange colour), and are provided with needles of 16 mm or 25 mm length (Terumo only 25 mm). The length you choose depends on what you find most the comfortable using.

BD Eclipse are safety needles with a fully integrated needle safety system. The locking mechanism provides optimum protection against needle injuries. This ensures a safe and simple injection.


  • Designed to protect against needle injuries after injections
  • The unique Smart Slip™ technology creates a secure connection to luer slip syringes.
  • The needle opening is always directed towards the protective cap, which permits injections at a slight angle.
  • Similar technology for blood collection and injections into the skin.
  • Requires only a minimal adjustment of the injection technique.
  • A special clip in the needle hub helps the user to better lock it in a split luer syringe.
  • Broad, coarse finger pressure point for a safe operation/activation with thumb or index finger.
  • Integral guard with wider edges for protection.
  • Needle is permanently locked by the activated protective cap
  • Finger ridge simplifies easy activation with one hand - no hard surface required
  • Colour-coded hub for easy size recognition
Quantity: 100
ML: -
Syringe: No
Needle: Yes
Gauge: 25G - 16mm x 0,50 mm
2-part: -
3-part: -
Luer-lock: -
Luer-slip: Yes
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