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Isothermal bag for transporting samples
High capacity isothermal bag that makes it possible to transport 300 diagnostic samples and 36 urine samples from the collection to the laboratory in an organized manner and under optimal conditions.
The bag is certified according to UN 3373, which makes it possible to transport class B biological substances.

An isothermal main compartment which in turn contains four isothermal compartments (three vertical and one horizontal).
Transparent top pocket for clinical records and documentation
Transparent front pocket with zip and built-in thermometer that keeps the inside temperature controlled.
Four detachable isothermal compartments with individual handle, holder for identification card and sponge to absorb possible spillage.
Special compartment for placing the urine cans, with removable spacers and a maximum capacity of up to 24 pots, size 42 × 26.5 × 9.5 cm
Three for the test tube racks, with a capacity for 2 racks (100 tubes), and each with a size of 26.5x14x27 cm.
Belt for transport with trolley, handles and shoulder strap.
Weight 5.30 kg
Dimensions 29 × 39 × 44 cm
Color blue
Capacity (Ltr) 49.76
Max (kg) 10.00

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