Cardio First Angel - Assistance with resuscitation

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Helps determine localization, depth and rhythm of CPR

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Cardio First Angel - Assistance with resuscitation

Description of Cardio First Angel - the savior in need of heart attacks
In emergency cases for the lay person as a life-saving measure that can be used immediately without risk.

Ideal applicability
Purely mechanical - without electricity or battery - the Cardio First Angel is ready for use at any time. A special plastic provides a soft contact surface and absorbs sweat.

Ideal positioning
The special shape of the Cardio First Angel guarantees correct positioning on the patient's chest - so that the chest compressions work exactly where they are needed. The application is simple and explained with internationally understandable icons.

Ideal effort
The optimum pressure for the 41 kg heart massage is indicated by a special spring by clicking loudly. This click can also be heard during the subsequent discharge. So the first aid worker has a clock to reach the required frequency of around 100 compressions.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 20 x 13 x 6 cm
  • Weight: 130 grams

In the event of a heart attack, valuable minutes pass by far too often, with either no CPR attempts being made or incorrectly performed until the emergency doctor or ambulance finally arrives. This is where the Cardio First Angel enters. Even the layman can perform a heart massage quickly and efficiently.

Many first aiders cannot find the right place for a heart massage without support. With the Cardio First Angel, on the other hand, the massage is performed automatically where it is most effective. A positioning aid ensures this. The device is placed in the center of the chest and a drawing on the surface shows how to place the hand.

But how hard do you have to press? The Cardio First Angel also provides security here. If sufficient force is applied, the loud click of a special spring can be heard and felt. If you then become less, a click once again makes it clear that you must now build new pressure. The change of the two clicks helps the lifesaver to find exactly the right beat. With the Cardio First Angel, time can be bridged until the emergency doctor or ambulance arrives.

If the Cardio First Angel were everywhere at hand within one to three minutes, countless lives could be saved and patients protected from long-term damage. With a package size of only 20 x 13 cm and a weight of only 130 grams, the Cardio First Angel fits in almost any bag and is immediately at hand in case of an emergency. In this way he provides the best care in the crucial first minutes after cardiac arrest. Purely mechanically it provides the necessary pressure, the most effective frequency and the correct positioning for a heart massage.

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