VORTEX dressing room with adult mask and one-hand help

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The VORTEX aluminum dressing room is an inhalation aid that is used together with the dose aerosol (aerosol canister containing the medicine, also known as a puffer) for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
By using the VORTEX attachment room, more medication ends up in the lungs and less in the mouth-throat. Always read the operating instructions before using your VORTEX dressing room.

The advantages of the VORTEX:

  • Antistatic attachment room - delivers a reliable dosage
  • One-handed operation - treatment sessions are now even easier - especially for those who need help, such as babies, toddlers or the elderly
  • Good visibility of the expiration valve - simple visual inspection of the exhalation phase
  • Meets a wide range of hygiene requirements: disinfectable, sterilizable and now dishwasher safe
  • Optimized universal adapter - suitable for all standard dosing inhalers


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