VisioFocus forehead thermometer

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The world's first non-contact thermometer that displays temperature directly on the patient's skin. The patented focus system automatically
indicates the correct distance for the measurement to the doctor or nurse. No waiting time before use, the integrated MQCS (Manual Quick
Calibration System) ensures the highest measurement accuracy, even when switching between rooms with different temperatures.
Completely hygienic and without touching the skin, VisioFocus reads the infrared radiation from the skin surface and calculates the body
temperature. The possibility of cross-contamination is avoided! VisioFocus does not need to be disinfected before use and does not require
expensive consumables for operation. VisioFocus can detect the body temperature and the temperature of any object or liquid with
temperatures between 1 °C and 80 °C.
Power supply 4 AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries - 1.5 V (included)
With high-quality batteries, the service life is up to 3 years or approx. 30,000 measured values (depending on use).
The advantages of VisioFocus:
• Non-contact measuring, absolutely hygienic for patients and user, no disposables necessary
• Patented focus system for indicating the correct distance
• Function for automatic adaptation of the forehead temperature to the ambient temperature (to get the most accurate results)
• Patented AQCS and MQCS calibration to ensure correct and constant temperature indication during long periods of use or when switching
between rooms with different temperatures
• No laser - absolutely safe for patients and users
• Very low operating costs (no consumables)
• Made in EU

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