Monocryl Plus usp 4-0 70cm RB-1 violet MCP3435G 12x1

Article number: 2507447

Antibacterial absorbable - synthetic - monofilament.

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Monocryl Plus usp 4-0 70cm RB-1 violet MCP3435G 12x1

Monocryl Plus suture by Ethicon. Antibacterial absorbable - synthetic - monofilament.

Monocryl Plus is a antibactieral synthetic, absorbable suture that combines the advantages of a monofilament suture (for example smooth passage through tissue) with a predictable resorption time.
It's composed of poliglecaprone 25, which is a copolymer of glycolide and E-caprolactone.
Monocryl comes both in purple colour and undyed.
Monocryl has a low tissue reactivity, maintains high tensile strength, and has a half-life of 7 to 14 days.

Approximate tensile strength Monocryl undyed suture:

1 week = 50 %
2 weeks = 20 %
3 weeks = 0 %

Approximate tensile strength Monocryl purple suture:

1 week = 60 %
2 weeks = 30 %
4 weeks = 0 %

The Monocryl Plus suture is completely hydrolyzed by 90–120 days.

Monocryl Plus has a consistency close to nylon suture material and when removed from the package, it might have a degree of "memory", or coil.

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