Mesorb absorbent semi-permeable non-adhesive dressing 10 cm x 13 cm 50 pieces

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Mesorb® is a soft, highly absorbent dressing, capable of retaining large amounts of wound fluid. the semi-permeability prevents impervious wound moisture from contaminating clothes or bedding.

How Mesorb works:

  • The wound fluid is transferred via the wound contact layer and the spread layer to the highly absorbent core of mesorb®.
  • This core also serves as a protective and ventilating wound cushion.
  • The water-repellent backing prevents the wound from becoming infected and protects clothes and bedding against leaks.
  • Because the backing layer extends to the sides, leakage on the sides is also avoided.

Benefits applications

  • High absorption capacity
  • Wet to very wet wounds
  • Protective wound cushion
  • As a primary dressing (directly on the wound)
  • Air permeable
  • Cost efficient
  • The unique barrier against seeping moisture reduces the number of dressing changes and prevents staining. Frequency of dressing changes clothes and bedding mesorb® can stay on the wound for several days, precautions depending on the wound condition or as prescribed.
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