Medische Vakhandel your Midmark Dealer and address for maintenance

€340,00 Excl. tax
€411,40 Incl. tax
Article number: Midmark
Availability: Will be ordered for you
Delivery time: 2-4 week

Only in the Netherlands!
What do we do for you during an annual service:

Read out the memory of the autoclave. This contains possible failures and problems of the past year.
Control connection hoses and electricity.
If necessary, replace the doorways, filters and gaskets. Parts that are subject to wear during normal use are replaced if necessary, at the discretion of the service technician.
Are costs involved in this, will first be discussed with you.
Check the sterilization process by means of a vacuum test Helix test or Bowie & Dicktest. This involves checking: sterilization pressure, temperature, vacuum and actual sterilization time.
The results of the tests are stored with your customer data. This as possibly proof that the autoclave is functioning properly.

Issue certificate of approval for one year.



Priority at our technical service

Hourly wage € 90.00 per hour

Call-out costs € 99.95 per visit, Wadden Islands extra charge € 45.00.


Target prices:

From € 340 for your annual maintenance (Wadden Islands storage + € 95).

For further information go to our general page of autoclave maintenance or email us for information.

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