Lifeline PRO AED

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Lifeline PRO AED

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Lifeline PRO AED

Defibtech® ™ Lifeline PRO AED. AED for professionals
Meet the Lifeline PRO AED. Complete functionality combined with pure ease of use: this is the Lifeline PRO AED. Defibtech is setting a new global standard in the field of professional AEDs. The Lifeline PRO AED is the only semi-automatic external defibrillator combines various functions. The Lifeline PRO AED has a manual mode and an automatic mode that allows the operator itself has control over the administration and the energy (25-200 Joule) of a shock.

Monitors for patient
The Lifeline PRO AED has a monitoring function. With the help of monitoring the optional "3-lead cable 'the AED is capable of the heart rhythm of a patient. Through this valuable option professional counselor can monitor a patient without using a set of defibrillation electrodes.

The Defibtech Lifeline PRO AED is immediately ready to use AEDs and comes with:

AED battery pack. (Life of 4 years standby)
AED a pair of defibrillation electrodes.
A quick reference card.
An AED user manual
The Defibtech® ™ Lifeline PRO AED summarized:
Multifunctional AED for professionals.
Manual and automatic mode.
Cardiac monitoring mode.
Full-color video display for optimal support.
Sturdy design and grip.
Light and compact.
No cover or loose parts, making a bet can be delayed.
On button directly accessible for quick relief.
Pre-connected AED electrodes.
Two-button operation for simplicity.
Warranty of 8 years.
Specifications Lifeline PRO AED:
manual mode
In manual mode, the operator assesses the Lifeline PRO AED heart rhythm of the patient, and determines whether there is to be administered a shock. When given a shock, the operator determines when and with which energy (25-200 Joule) that happens. The bright color of the Lifeline PRO displays the ECG clearly. In addition, heart rate, useful life and the number of shocks delivered displayed. The operator himself has complete control over the conduct of the defibrillation.

Automatic mode
In automatic mode, the Lifeline PRO AED assesses the heart rhythm of the patient. If required, the device itself the shock confirmation button free. When the operator presses the button, the Lifeline PRO AED is a biphasic shock of 150 joules increases to a time-controlled impedance compensation. At any time the rescuer can call the ECG of the patient.

Video instruction
The Lifeline PRO is the only AED with an interactive color display. Through a clear video instruction is the operator step by step through the defibrillation process. Of the preparation of the patient to the attachment of the electrodes, and of the administration of the shock to the CPR, whether or not with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Cardiac monitoring mode
In the coronary care mode, the display can, with the aid of an adapter for ECG monitoring, also be used as a heart monitor. This allows the operator can keep an eye on the heart condition of the patient, even if it does not have acute heart arrest. The internal memory of the Lifeline PRO AED can store up to 60 minutes of ECG data. This data can be transferred to a computer via an SD memory card or USB cable. With an additional memory card into the Lifeline PRO AED even 30 hours of data

stress Test
When doing a stress test, it is mandatory that an AED is available. The Lifeline PRO AED here is particularly suitable because it is a multi-functional defibrillator for professional use.

AED electrodes
The electrodes are integrated and connected in AED. (Pre-connected)
Verification of the presence of electrodes.
Children Electrodes available.

Use Data readout
Data-card records usage data, and may aid of Free software can be read on any Windows PC.
Complete picture of ECG data and decision moments of the AED as analysis and shock advice.
Simple and user friendly.

The Lifeline PRO AED is available in the following languages
Dutch, German, English and French. Other languages ​​on request.

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