Medispray silicone spray

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500 ml, spray can; CFC-free spray.

Intended use:

Maintenance ear spray; Regularly spraying the inside of the ear syringe with silicone spray is recommended to keep this spray fine and supple.

For the lubrication of movable parts in medical equipment, where the use of silicones is permitted. Especially suitable for the lubrication and prevention of corrosion on metals, surgical instruments.

It is also a reliable lubricant for rubber and plastic products. The Medispray silicone spray SHOULD NOT be used on instruments intended for invasive use (eg endotracheal tubes)!

Lubricates metal instruments and ensures that they continue to work smoothly (insofar as they are resistant to silicones).
Only to be used if you sterilize with hot air sterilization up to 200º and not suitable for sterilization in an autoclave.

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